have you heard of psd2 yet? 

security is extremely important to us, so we want to confirm that your information will always be encrypted and safe.
starting on 28 december 2020, online payments will be even more secure thanks to the new european psd2 regulation which introduces new authentication rules.
we kindly remind you that credit and debit card payments are subject to validation and authorisation by us and by your bank institute. when you place an order using a credit card payment, your bank may ask you to confirm your identity using 3d secure authentication.
3d secure authentication reduces the number of fraudulent online activities including identity theft and unauthorised use of cards.
it protects cardholder data and reduces fraud attempts. there are many ways to authenticate online payments and you may be asked to confirm your identity by sms, email or touchid.
we recommend that you contact your bank to ensure that they have your correct contact details in case you are asked to use sms or email for 3d secure authentication.