customer care faq


which collection do the products sold on the forte_forte store belong to?
garments and accessories presented on the brand store belong to the current spring - summer or fall - winter season.
how can i pay?
you can pay by credit card, paypal card or bank transfer in a secure, quick and easy way.


after having placed the order, how long will i have to wait to receive my items?
products purchased shall be delivered to the address indicated in the order within 24-48 hours of acceptance of the order by FiloBlu, at the cost specifically indicated at the site before the submission of the invoice. the timing might vary for deliveries outside the european union. forte_forte will communicate any issues making it impossible to deliver an order in full or in part as a result of a lack of availability of products.
on which days do you deliver and which courier do you use?
deliveries are made daily from monday to friday. all orders placed on saturday or sunday will be processed on the following monday morning. the courier carrying out the deliveries is ups or dhl, during office hours. regarding russia, orders are tried trought poste italiane.
can i decide to have my parcel delivered to a different address or a country different to the registration details?
in step 3 of the order process (entitled deliveries), it is possible to indicate a different delivery address to the one saved in your user profile, however this different address must be in the same country.
do you deliver worldwide?
our online store delivers all over the world. it is possible to check this information in the "country" section of the store web page.
how can i receive confirmation of my order?
the order confirmation from the company will be sent by email to the email address listed in your profile. when you receive the email confirming that the payment has gone through successfully, the goods selected in the cart are confirmed.
how can i find out the tracking number for my order?
once logged in, in the "my account" section you can see the progress of your order at the warehouse. when the goods have been shipped you can track the parcel. for further information you can call our customer care +39 041 8380020 or send an email through the relevant section on the site.
when making the delivery, does the courier contact the recipient to make an appointment?
normally, this does not happen on the first delivery attempt. in the event that the first delivery attempt does not succeed due to no one available to take receipt at the preselected destination, it is likely that the courier will make contact before attempting to re-deliver.

returns, order cancellations

how can i cancel my order if i no longer wish to receive it?
call our customer care +39 041 83 80020 or send an email through the relevant section on the site. the cancellation must be confirmed by FiloBlu. for orders paid by credit card, the time required for refunding the amount is subject to banking schedules. such amounts will not be handled by the company but made available by the bank after the processing time. in the case that the order is refused on delivery, when it is returned to the company the total amount costs will be refunded.
what happens if i'm out and my order is sent back to forte_forte?
forte_forte can organise a new delivery to the same address or another, although the country listed in your registration must remain the same.
how can i return my order and are there costs involved?
to return goods, it is necessary to ensure that the general conditions of sale are observed. you may request a return within 14 working days of receipt of the order. registered users can access the "return" section of their user dashboard and manage return requests. unregistered users must complete the format in the links in the section right to cancel under terms and conditions. yuo’ll receive a return goods confirmation email.
how does the reimbursement work?
in the case that you had made your purchase using a credit card or paypal card, the company will credit the full amount (equal to the total amount of items returned) directly onto the credit card or paypal card. the time required to credit your card may vary between banks but generally allow for 14 working days to be able to see the amount available in your account; this is as a result of the interbank system and forte_forte store is not responsible for this processing time.